travel service pricing coming soon


There needs to be a minimum of 4 adults for a travel appointment no further than 30 minutes drive from Deer Park. The number of adults to style will increase the further the location. The travel fee will be calculated by the time it takes to get to and from your booking.

If you have less than 4 adults and would like to book a travel services you will need to pay for 4 adult styles minimum plus travel (number of heads will increase with distance).

The minimum travel fee is $50.

Due to high demand we do not hold or pencil in dates for bridal bookings. A $300 deposit is required to secure your date. Deposits are not refundable and any changes to your booking  i.e. change of date, time and number of heads to style may result in the an early start or delay of your booking. We accommodate when we can but as there are multiple bookings in a day changes are not always possible.

To avoid late changes it is important that your booking information is as accurate as possible at the time of booking.


  • Adult Styles $145
  • Children $100
  • Seniors $100

Additional Fees

  • Application and styling of up to 150 grams of your own hair extensions $20
  • Application and styling of 200 grams or more $30 - $80
  • Extra long or thick hair (26 inches or longer) $30
  • Early Bird fee for start times earlier than 7am $50
  • Assistant $40 per hour